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FAQs on How to Paraphrase in a Paper

Does software know how to paraphrase text for a research paper?

how to paraphrase in a paperThere are many services online that will offer rewording done by a computer as well as many sites that offer text transformation tools that are completely free. They work in a very simple manner by swapping words within the original text for acronyms. The problem is that the structure of the rewritten text is identical to the original and it often reads like nonsense. This is because it cannot actually understand the context in which words are being used and selects incorrect changes. So it is very unlikely that any software will provide you with a paraphrase that you could use within a paper.

Do I need to know how to paraphrase in a paper? Can I not just use direct quotations?

faqs on our serviceWhen you write a paper you will be expected to refer back to what other researchers and writers have already written and discovered within your field. This should not however just be a bunch of quotations stitched to together with a few of your own words. Your paper needs to reflect your own writing style and the purpose of your paper and as such you should always paraphrase what others have to say unless it is vital to repeat their precise words. Even if you paraphrase within your paper you should still provide the original author with credit with a citation back to the original work.

Do you know how to paraphrase essay papers quickly?

faqs on our serviceMany times when people come to us for help they are up against a tight deadline as they have left the work to the last minute. We can often turnaround work in as little as just 24 hours. Just highlight the time within which you need your service provided on the order form and we will always ensure that we deliver on time.

Will your rephrasing always be unique?

faqs on our serviceOne of the main reasons for doing paraphrasing is avoiding plagiarism. Our experts have many years of experience providing rewriting of all types and know precisely how plagiarism should be avoided when they paraphrase your work. We also fully test the completed work and will provide you with a free report to confirm that your paraphrased text is unique.

What can I do if I don’t like the results of the paraphrasing?

faqs on our serviceYour initial paraphrase my paper service will always be considered a draft and you are encouraged to review it to ensure that it is what you want. If you feel that any changes at all are required then our experts will make an unlimited number of revisions until you are totally happy with the results. We always work with you until you are totally satisfied that your paraphrased text is perfect for your audience.

Are there any guarantees offered with your services?

faqs on our serviceAs a professional service we provide every client with a full range of benefits and guarantees that will allow you to confidently make your order. Our services offer you:

  • Copying free rewriting with a plagiarism report supplied to you
  • Error free writing after our expert proofreaders review your text
  • Guaranteed fully confidential help that is also very affordable
  • On time delivery within your requested deadline guaranteed
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your rewording or we will offer a full refund

So if you have any additional questions that you need answering about how to paraphrase in a paper or would like to order the help of our professionals just get in touch with our dedicated services here today!