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Professional Paraphrasing Sample

Can a Paraphrasing Sample Help You?

paraphrasing sample which can help youWhen we are asked to paraphrase my paper, we need to repeat what has been said but use our own very different wording. We can do this for many different reasons such as to simplify something that has been said to make it easier to understand or to rewrite something so that it can be used again elsewhere without worrying about problems with plagiarism. It is a skill that is required by students at all levels as well as many other forms of professional writers.

But avoiding plagiarism when you paraphrase is not as simple as many expect and they find that they copy large amounts of the original text and do not change it sufficiently to be considered unique. Others will find that they have not kept the original meaning and that it has been modified in some way. One way of offering help for students and others with their rewriting is by looking at a sample of paraphrasing.

How Can You Use a Sample of Paraphrasing?

A sample paraphrase is a great way to start to understand just how different your rewritten text must be to the source. A good paraphrase is not simply about changing words for synonyms and altering the order of the sentences. It is about understanding and repeating that meaning and examples will show you exactly how that is done. Examples of paraphrasing will also show you many of the things that you will need to not do if you are to avoid plagiarism.

You must never copy a paraphrased example even if it is a rewritten version of the text that you need to reword. That would still be considered plagiarism if you were to copy the sample. Your personal paraphrase must be unique. You should also look at all samples very critically to see if they are indeed good examples as there are many online that are not.

Tips for Doing Your Paraphrasing

Even if you look at many different examples of paraphrasing you may still need some additional help with your own. The following are some tips that you can follow to make sure that your paraphrasing will be done correctly:

  • Ensure that you fully understand your reasons for paraphrasing and who your intended audience is that you are writing for
  • Read the source text until you are sure that you fully understand what it is saying
  • Make notes of each of the points raised within the text using only your own words
  • Reorganize the notes into a logical sequence for your audience
  • Rewrite the text using only your notes as a reference; do not look at the original writing
  • Compare the two sets of writing and reword anything that is too similar to the original
  • Proofread the text thoroughly to ensure that there are not writing errors

We Can Help with Your Paraphrasing

No matter what form of paraphrasing or rewriting you need doing we have the experts required to do it to a standard that you will be proud of. Our experts will ensure that your paraphrasing will be done to your full satisfaction and that it will be fully unique and fully proofread so that there are no errors within it. Your rephrased writing will be formatted exactly as you require and always delivered to you within the deadline that you set when you made your order.

So if you need your rewriting to be at least as good as any paraphrasing sample that you have seen just approach our professional services for help you can trust!