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10 Most Common Paraphrasing Questions & Answers

Paraphrasing is an essential skill in academic writing. Because of this a lot of people think about how to paraphrase website free. Poor paraphrasing leads to distortion of the original author’s idea, message or concept. It is also a demanding skill because it engages and needs writing skills. However, it is important to learn how to paraphrase to avoid plagiarism and hone the skills of students so that they do not to copy from other people’s writing. If you have paraphrasing questions, keep reading for more information.
paraphrasing questions

Facts about Paraphrasing

According to Power of Paraphrasing article, paraphrasing activates a student’s vocabulary as well as develops his sense of word choice. Paraphrasing also teaches grammatical structures, and it improves the learner’s grasp of the English syntax. In addition, paraphrasing raises the awareness of a writer’s variation by improving knowledge about sentence structure, vocabulary and others.

Common Mistakes People Do When Paraphrasing: Tips

  • Switching or changing few words of the original author’s sentence – People commit mistakes by switching or changing some words of original sentences or passage. This is wrong because the writer should get the main idea of the sentence and write it using his own words.
  • Not acknowledging or crediting the author – One of the paraphrasing tips you need to know is acknowledging the author. Even though you paraphrase, there are instances that you need to cite the source from which you obtained the ideas or information. On the other hand, there is an exception and that is when citing common knowledge.[Common knowledge is widely known as well as can be found in different and multiple places, so citing is not needed.]
  • Not including quotation marks – It is a mistake if you fail it to include a direct statement without putting it inside quotation marks.

Examples of Funny Paraphrasing

  • Original: Rainfall in Amazon Basin was higher compared to last year
  • Funny paraphrasing version: Sky water splatters kerplunking against Amazon Washtub and bounced more and more across twelve calendar pages

Paraphrasing Help

If you still have paraphrasing questions and having a hard time on how to paraphrase, then getting help from a professional is what you need. They know how to paraphrase correctly and submit the output on time. Professionals know how to come up with an impressive paraphrased passage or essay.

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